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Platforms: XboxOne 1.1.6 | Switch 1.1.1

Status: Released


- added invert y-axis option

- added a reset game levels option

- added in-game look sensitivity, especially making the game feel smoother with a higher value on Switch

- changed the in-game UI so that it will not jitter anymore when moving, and excluded effects to be better readable

- disabled motion blur and reduced radial jump blur to increase the clarity of the level when moving

- changed the menu cursor to be more visible

- enabled GPU instancing on some objects that were initially missed out, a slight performance increase

- changed the material of a Kubus when collected, improving the readability of the game world

- replaced 2 moving platforms in lvl 2 with static ones to improve playability


- fixed the finish position in lvl 2 to avoid instant finish when reloading the game

- fixed HDR values for the switch version and reducing black artifacts on bright spots

- fixed a possible crash location in lvl 2

- Fixed Jumpflatform Materials

- fixed a lvl loading issue in lvl 2

- fixed an issue when the menu is not responsible after standby/sleep mode

- fixed an issue when selecting to fast menu options

Currently known Issues:

- fog can appear wrong in lvl 3 (Switch/Xbox)

- reflection can be glitchy in lvl 3 (Xbox)

- A and B buttons can be swapped (Switch)

- some platforms in lvl 2 are poping and not dissolving

Whats next:

  • next patch for further bugfixing

  • preparing the 2.0 update

Thanks for the feedback from our community!

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