We are currently working on the final steps to get the beta of ESSENCE ready for you.

We are expecting to be able to release the beta before the end of next week and really hope that you will like the game in its evolved state and style.

Over the last months, we have been giving our best to bring ESSENCE into a much better shape than ever before. Especially, in comparison to our alpha we have improved the following huge aspects of the game: 

  • We worked on major graphical improvement for colors, effects, and detail, in order to make the game worlds look more fascinating. 

  • We have created several exciting and very diverse sub-worlds to create a new dynamic to the game.

  • We have greatly improved the performance and fixed many loading time issues the alpha version still had.

  • We have added new levels and have filled the already existing levels with more content and hidden places which are waiting to be discovered. 

  • We have fixed some very heavy bugs and also a couple of smaller ones. 

  • We have created a lot of in-game options in order to allow you to adjust your experience. 

  • We have implemented autosaving so that you do not have to worry about it anymore. 

  • Also, ESSENCE has now full controller support.

We are really excited for the release next week and are looking forward to finally present you this early version of ESSENCE, to your feedback and to your suggestions for improvements.





Because there are many things and worlds that we still would like to include in ESSENCE we have decided to split up the game into three huge acts. The beta will feature the first act and features three of the main worlds and many sub-worlds. 

Splitting up the game into three acts does mean that with the initial release not all worlds will be unlocked, but it also means that we will be adding more content, worlds, puzzles, improvements, abilities, breathtaking landscapes and features over time. 

That being said every act of ESSENCE by itself does have several hours of gameplay, so there will be a lot to discover in every single act. 

From now on the world of ESSENCE is growing like a tree. It unfolds its branches, starts to blossom and stretches its tree crown towards the sun. Well, of course, a tree needs time and care to become big and strong, but in the end, it will be more than just worth the effort. 

With the new approach to an open development, we see also new opportunities to greatly improve the game until its finished. We can bring more people into our journey and process. Also, we can collect more critical feedback and directly integrate it into the game. 

Feel free to let us know what you think about the three-act structure of ESSENCE. 




As the new three-act structure does make a release date not quite as trivial as it should be, we would like to give you a quick overview of upcoming releases and the new roadmap. 

The closed Beta: This release will be next week. We are currently working on the finishing touch. 

The 1st Act: This official release is scheduled for the 18th of April and will be released worldwide on STEAM as Early Access. All backer with a 20€ + Tier will get their Steam key. 

The 2nd and 3rd Act: We are expecting that we will need around three months to get one of these acts in perfect shape. Of course, we will keep you up to date with our development. 

The Rewards: Once the beta is released we will send around the survey regarding the rewards. Physical goodies will be sent around with the final release. 

The VR Release: As VR was only a stretch goal in our Kickstarter campaign we will first focus on getting the three acts done. We are planning to include the VR support in the release of the third act. 

Console Releases (Xbox One, PS4): Even though we have not reached the stretch goals for those we are still planning to create a console version of ESSENCE as well. However, of course, we will first focus on creating the PC and VR version. 




As you probably have recognized at this point, we are behind our initial schedule. We think it is important that you know what we are doing, so we would like take the possibility to explain this delay.

Mainly ESSENCE takes so much time because of two different reasons: 

There are just so many exciting things and great ideas that we want to have inside the world of ESSENCE... We ourselves look at ESSENCE like at an organism which evolves and changes with our ideas and work and hope you appreciate that we are taking our time to improve ESSENCE as much as possible, rather than rushing the game. 

Last but not least we are a very small team of 2 students and sadly have underestimated the roles and pure effort to create a game with this scale and ambition. So we hope you can understand this.

This being said we would like to thank you once again for your patience and trust and are looking forward to the upcoming beta of ESSENCE and the release of the first act of ESSENCE. 

Thanks for your trust and passion, brave travelers