Some time has passed since then we have updated you about the development and progress of Essence. We feel very sorry about this and will from now on provide you with more frequently updates.  

Our development has of course always proceeded, however some difficult decisions had to be made in the last month, which we needed to resolve before continuing with the core development. A lot of these decisions resolved around completing the story, general and technical set up of the project as well as some important management tasks that had to be taken. We knew we had to make this decisions now as otherwise it would be very difficult to develop ESSENCE to the final state and it will also help us to keep the game organised, which again will help us a lot in the future. 


The largest and most elaborate challenge for us was the switch from our Prototype Project to an alpha with a solid pipeline and workflow. Our Prototype Project was a big mess and we have made some technical mistakes in the beginning of development, which ended up in some mayor bugs. Also much of the data was not sorted and some was damaged, so we had to make a clean and fresh new project and had to sort almost 50gb of data. But in the end we have ensured that our new scripts and tools are very compatible with each other, that everything is set up nice and clean and have also fixed mayor bugs, like our character and the controls.

On basis of your feedback to our character controller we have build a new custom controller based on Unitys rigidbody system. This will ensure more fidelity for moving the character and using items. Animations are even now more fluid than ever and we are sure it will be less buggy in the future so we will be able to implement more complex physical interactions. 

Also we have added some very nice tools and features, which are almost running 100%. For example a new particle effect system, new vegetation system, and an automatic graphics quality chooser to boost the performance of the game. We have learned some new game design and development techniques. For example we have build a full testing level to preview and maintain all our assets, tools and mechanics to provide better bugfixing.

Besides this we have created some very new story aspects and more mystery elements, most of them are not build in the game yet, but we are very convinced to able to create these new elements as we are imagining them.

Since the Prototype of ESSENCE was very linear, we are reworking all of our current worlds with a bigger open world approach to give the game a even more spectacular atmosphere.

By the start of the alpha all these will be already included and you can experience the new features. We are very excited for the feedback, and even more to see you experience the new story and mysteries of the final game. 

Next week we will cover all this and other more detailed in our first devlog entry! 

So stay tuned and thank you for your patience our brave Travelers,