In recent days, we had to do a lot of organisational tasks. While we have looked through your feedback, we have been thinking about a lot of things for the future and worked out some new things.


Today we want to announce that we now continuing our funding with preordering ESSENCE trough Paypal and other payment options. We have recognized that it is a proven method, as many people like to pay by Paypal and have no credit card, but we want to give everyone the chance to support the vision of ESSENCE, even the ones who missed our Kickstarter. 

So for all people who have missed our Kickstarter, here is your chance:


In the last days a lot of you have ask us about the console versions of ESSENCE and about the requirements of the VR version. First, the extra funding we will get from the pre-ordering will be used for the general development and for the XBOX ONE / PS4 versions. But our current plan is to first focus on the completion of the PC version. After the PC release we can fully focus on the console ports.

Please remember, at this point we sadly can not guarantee a console versions but will do our best and feel pretty strong about it. It will be the first time we will work on console game. So it might take a bit longer than the PC version but we are already in contact with Microsoft and have joined their Indie Developer Program to look how the overall workflow, SDK and submission system will work. So here we are progressing surprisingly fast on this topic ;)

As you know the VR version is coming for sure and we can't wait to see ESSENCE in virtual reality for the first time. However so far we can't really estimate how the system requirements will look like as it is dependent on the VR hardware itself. Oculus and HTC offer already tests where you can check if your PC if is ready for VR.

We know that not everyone has a high end PC and we think the VR specs are more a guideline, so we will try everything to lower the minimum requirements as far as possible. This also applies to the requirements for the game itself. Also we are already in contact with Oculus to get more useful infos, their SDK and dev kit, so we will keep you up to date, if there is something new ;)


Lately we have not had the possibility to work on ESSENCE as often as we would like to. But in the coming days we can finally hit the ground on running the development and will make our devlog for you too. We would like to show you a little deeper insight of the progress of ESSENCE. At least once a month and whenever we hit a milestone we will post an update but in order to preserve the magic and mystery of the game we will make sure not to spoiler too much. 

See you soon Travelers,