Again, some time has passed since our last update. With this update, we can show you some of the great progress and decisions we have made in the last weeks. 

First of all, we are still in the middle of the development of ESSENCE. Therefore we can not have the initial release date and need to postpone the release. We are sorry that it takes us longer than expected and really hope that you can be patient until the final release. Nevertheless, we were able to change some parts of the game to make it even better.

The new release date we are aiming is the beginning of MARCH 2017. With the new release date, the beta will also be shifted backward and we are aiming to launch it in January.


Of course we still have plenty to do until the final release. Especially we will use the time until March to: 

  • finally finish some levels that are still under construction 
  • test and improve Essence as a VR experience 
  • make our game mechanics and gameplay more juicy and fun for better immersion 
  • more testing of the game and improve it according to our test results and feedback 
  • better graphics optimization for all platforms 
  • populate the whole world of ESSENCE with more characters and flying spirits 
  • make sure ESSENCE is going to be an amazing experience for everyone :) 



In the last week, we have launched the alpha and are now getting a first feedback for the game. 

It’s important to us that ESSENCE is going to be a stunning, fun and beautiful experience to everyone, so we are listening very closely to the feedback we get. 


Here are some impressions of the first levels of the alpha version.

Let us know what you think about these first impressions, and what you want to see in ESSENCE. 




Currently, the development of ESSENCE is steadily advancing. We still had some problems but we are fixing them just a bit faster than new once appear. 

We didn't expect the big setback we experienced when we have been in the first iteration for the alpha build of the game,

The finished version of the game had a lot of graphics errors as opposed to the preview in the engine because we had already exceeded the shader capacity of the engine. This has delayed our release immediately, but fortunately, we could solve this problem permanently with the help of a new beta version of the engine, which came at the right time and without cutting already implemented shaders. 

Here is a "funny" error in the first build of the game: the pink color indicate that a certain shader did not work. 


In addition to the further development of the game worlds, we can continue to bring new smaller features and aesthetics for the game. We have already added some new and exciting elements that we will show you in the next devlog, for example, a new cloud system. Here is a little preview: 




For some time, we have also made a major change in the soundtrack of ESSENCE. 

We are proud to have Brandon Maahs now on board of the team. He is now our composer for the complete game soundtrack. Since the launch, he was already very convinced to contribute to the music, and so we gave him the chance. 

We liked his work already and knew he has the spirit and understanding of the game and atmosphere. The work on the soundtrack is still not finished. The time is short but Brandon has already done amazing work and we are sure he will be able to complete it. 

You can already listen to some of the early sketches on:

We hope you like the new music and as always, tell us what you think about it. 



Thanks for your patience, brave travelers