All alone in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, fading away into unknown realms you start exploring the archaic land of DYSTOA. 

On your way through this world, you will discover obscure secrets and forgotten places while following a trail of lyrical whispers. Surreal encounters and happenings are awaiting you in this world. In the end, you will find a truth, but will it be your truth?


embark to the fading city of perception


DYSTOA is a surreal, poetic, and minimalistic first-person exploration game. A homage to the beauty of life and death and thoughts from one or another world. 

  • experience a philosophical story-driven adventure in between creation and destruction

  • discover a remarkable open world which elicits to disbelieve

  • enjoy a surreal but fascinating design to relax your mind and soul

  • lose yourself in dreamy landscapes beyond time and discover countless hidden places

  • proof yourself worthy to meet the lost gods and shape the future of this unknown, fading world


New Work in Progress Impressions