Game Info

Current Development: Alpha

Genre: First Person, exploration

Features: free roaming, open level design, low gravity

Playtime and scale: ca. 2h-4h

Platforms: Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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Development Post

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Work in Progress

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A lost starchild

Immerse yourself into this surreal adventure about being a Starchild lost in eternal space. Find your way again and glide with awe in near-zero gravity through the calming and glittering world of Cosmosa.

This is a small game about exploring the hidden beauty and endless magnitude of the eternal space. You are a Starchild lost deep within its heart and now taking the time to find your way to what you are. Collecting star fragments and find your kind again.

Developer Notes

Cosmosa was designed to be a small game focusing on elements of space but also ethereal and surreal elements. In this game, you have the ability to wander around but also jump high distances and float in near zero while collecting star fragments hidden across the many different areas.


  • open designed levels, free to explore at your own pace

  • easy to play, no time or difficulty limits, very easy and relaxing platforming

  • discover some beautiful and surreal phenomena of the eternal space

  • enjoy a long and calming cosmic soundtrack

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