"Past and Future are a duality of which Present is the reality. The now-moment alone is eternal and real" - Wei Wu Wei


As promised we are giving our best to keep you updated and to let you in on our development and progress more frequently. Therefore, we would like to use this rather small update to tell you what happened, what we are now doing and what we will do next.

ASCENDANCE has been launched successfully and is currently helping us to stabilize our whole situation and to gather new experience on other frontiers. We already have received quite some very interesting feedback - some very positive and a couple of not too positive responses which mainly criticize the gameplay and technical aspects rather than the art style. This and future feedback will be very helpful for overhauling and finishing ESSENCE.

By listening to the feedback that engaged people giving us we will be able to make ESSENCE better and more enjoyable for everyone. We also hope that you had fun playing ASCENDANCE and that you enjoyed this different but maybe even familiar game.


As announced with the last update our focus is now on DYSTOA, which of course every baker of ESSENCE will receive once the game is finish. We are on a good schedule so far and are very confident that you will be able to play DYSTOA completely finished in June this year.

But we have to get the word out about DYSTOA, bringing up more engagement in a time where interest fades away quite fast. And to further support the development of the game with some additional assets and refinement and to give the game a stronger start boost, we have decided to launch a small Kickstarter campaign for DYSTOA next week on Tuesday, the 17th of April.

promo teaser date 1b.jpg


For this campaign, we took into account that we are on a tight schedule here and that we do not want to let you wait any longer than necessary. Also, don't worry this will not be a huge and broad campaign as ESSENCE, but a rather small and lowkey designed one, to give us a small financial boost to finish up DYSTOA on schedule and avoiding additional risks. Therefore, we have designed the pledges and stretch goals of this campaign in a minimalistic way. Of course, we are aware that a second campaign might be uncomfortable to hear, we thought a lot about it and so we do our best to treat this campaign always as the side project. On the other hand, it will be nice to gather some new travelers on our common journey and to also look how the general interest for this game will be.


As mentioned before, every baker of ESSENCE will get a copy of DYSTOA.

And the Backers of both ESSENCE campaigns will get a very special place in this game. Anyhow, we are of course very happy about every support we can get and would like to encourage you to tell your friends about the game, those who might wanted to support games like ESSENCE and didn't have the chance yet, or would maybe love the darker style of DYSTOA.

While a lot of our development progress is still hidden under the veil of mystery, we hope you will like what you see so far. So be sure to check it out :)

We really hope that we are not pushing too much on you with this situation, but we just have this strong feeling that we have to finish DYSTOA before tackling ESSENCE anew in the summer of 2018. There is something about we have to bring out, to prove ourselves capable for delivering not only a game but a finished and pure experience, to be bold and visionary and to reignite our hope and will with fiery creativity!

... and trust... in the path leading to this unknown horizon.

As always we want to hear your feelings and thoughts about it. Are you okay with our current path? What can we still do better? And what should we talk about next?

See you soon,