Wake up


There is no memory. No information what happened or why. Nothing about you, nothing about your life or purpose. You are in a world you don’t remember seeing before at a place forgotten by time and space. Wake up and explore this majestic world that has been waiting of your return so long.




Remember your being and remember your abilities which are hidden in ancient structures. Structures that will challenge your mind with anomalous puzzles. Wander freely through these lands and beyond to find yourself. And finally discover the truth, the past and the future of places, you never believed would exist...




ESSENCE will be the first step in our long and exciting journey creating a whole universe of games connected with each other. Together we will go beyond this, which is our key of creating outstanding experiences. 

ESSENCE is a new cross over between an first person exploration and none violent adventure game with metroidvania elements, beautiful landscapes and interwoven open world areas.

Its as much about exploring the different worlds of ESSENCE and collecting lost fragments of the world as discovering secret places filled with mysterious messages. Also it is about solving puzzles and learning new abilities that help you proceed further on otherwise hidden paths. The further you will go the more possibilities you will have to interact with the world and its surroundings. Every world has its very own theme and therefore is different in color, gameplay and overall feeling. 

The game has a narration, that will combine classic messages from different characters with a dense environmental storytelling. By uncovering all these places and messages you will experience a story that slowly leads you closer to one much larger conclusion ...

The game will launch on STEAM with VR support for

Windows, Mac, Linux in March 2017

You can pre-order ESSENCE to support the development of the game, also you can check out the Greenlight page to favorite us for upcoming Steam updates. Finally you can visit the Kickstarter for even more information about the game and vision.