First of all, we are game creators. 

We are very passionate and enthusiastic about our work. We started our debut project ESSENCE at the beginning of this year and ever since, we keep creating an amazing world full of mysterious riddles, surreal happenings and stunning nature. 

We are looking forward to enrich you and the gameworld with unusual and outstanding experiences like ESSENCE and future games. We are excited to make our dream become true together.


This will be the first step in our long and exciting journey creating a whole universe of games connected with each other. Together we will go beyond this, which is our key of creating outstanding experiences. 





Currently we are a small core team of 2 people, we are students exploding with ideas and prototypes beyond the mainstream and we are building up ONEVISION with talented newcomers, which share the same mindset as we. In this way we will ensure even bigger and ambitious games never seen before and leaving gamers with a truly new experience.




Christoph Klein

Game Design | Art

He is creating and representing the Soul of ESSENCE, building all these worlds, filling life in every corner.

He is creating mysteries and ornamenting huge and little anomalous entities, edifying the gigantic and unknown structures with the ardent desire to fulfill something that you have never seen and felt.



Tim Bachmann

Development | Business 

He is creating and representing the Heart of ESSENCE, filling the objects and entities with life and a character.

He breathes life into the worlds and their riddles with purpose and function, entangled moments into a story in which you're going to immerse. Besides he is providing people constantly with new information and handles the numbers.



Together we have been inspired by games like the Zelda series, the Metroid series, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in early age. Today we are inspired by games like Journey, NaissanceE and The Talos Principle. It has always been our dream to create games like this, and maybe we can even reach another level of those particular kind of games in the future.






Jaye has already provided us for the Reveal Trailer with his powerfull and epic music. During the Pre-development we have found his Track "Rebirth" and we knew immediately it will fit perfect. Also he has created a full new Track called "Enigma" for our last Kickstarter Trailer.

Brandon maahs


Brandon is now working with us on the complete and final OST for ESSENCE. He has a audacious vision for the new music and also quite experience in game music. His inspirational melodies will fill the missing piece of ESSENCE.